Art education constitutes an integral part of a balanced and holistic education of every child. In an ability-driven education, art education plays an important role in harnessing and developing the artistic talents of our students, provides a channel to foster appreciation of our cultural heritage and helps strengthen the understanding of our national identity and ethnic cultures.

Wang Yi Kun_Final (2).jpg
Wang Yi Kun (Sec 4 AEP 2016)

Set up in 1984, the Art Elective Programme (AEP) in Hwa Chong Institution aims to provide a challenging and enriching art environment to academically able and artistically talented students to develop their skills and nurture them into well-rounded citizens. It also seeks to produce cultural entrepreneurs who will contribute cultural capital to the nation in the areas of fine arts, design, media and other creative industry. A number of our AEP students have chosen to work within the creative industries such as architecture, design, media arts as well as art education.

The AEP programme has been extended to Hwa Chong Junior College since January 2004, allowing students the opportunity to develop their talents within an integrated programme. In January 2005, both The Chinese High School and Hwa Chong Junior College merge to become Hwa Chong Institution, providing a fully-integrated six-year art elective programme.