Frequently Asked Questions

Benedict (Sec 1 AEP 2016)

High School Section

1) How are students selected for the programme?
Upon admission into HCI, students must take an internal AEP Selection Test conducted by the school at the beginning of the year. The selection consists of 2 rounds. The first round is an observational drawing test conducted during the first general art lesson. Students who are shortlisted will be invited for the second round, which consists of a creative drawing test, and a portfolio interview. Students can bring along art works they have done to show during the interview. Only those who clear the Selection Test will be invited to enrol in the programme.

2) Must my child remain in the programme until the end of Year Four?
Before your child is accepted into the programme, you will have to sign an undertaking letter to acknowledge that he will remain in the programme until the end of Year Four. Only under very special circumstances would a student be allowed to opt out of the programme.

3) Do students on the programme pay extra fees?
No. Instead, students who are accepted into the AEP in HCI will also enjoy a subsidy of partial school fee waiver.

4) If my child gains entry into AEP, will he be taught the same subjects as the other students who are not in the programme?
AEP students will study the same core subjects as those students who are not in the programme. AEP becomes an additional special subject.

5) Can my son join AEP after Year One?
Yes, if your child passes a modified selection test and his performance in the General Art Programme is consistently good, the school would then recommend him for the programme.

6) Can my child opt to join special programmes in Sec 3 if he joins AEP?
No. AEP is already a special programme and students are NOT ALLOWED to take more than one special programme.

7) Is it compulsory for my child to continue in the AEP beyond High School level?
It is not compulsory. However, your child could continue with the AEP in Years 5-6 in HCI if he so desires, provided he meets the pre-requisites of the College AEP.

College Section

1) Can a student join the Hwa Chong AEP at ‘A’ level if he or she had not done art at ‘O’ level?
Yes, provided the student meets the following requirements:
- Gain admission into the college
- Pass a drawing test and writing test
- Provide a good portfolio of work: a good portfolio will demonstrate that the student has the ability to draw and conceptualise ideas.

2) Is it possible to enrol in the AEP at a junior college other than HCI, National Junior College or Nanyang Junior College?
No. The programme is offered only in these three junior colleges.

3) Are there any advantages in doing the AEP at ‘A’ level?
The AEP at ‘A’ level is a two-year course leading to ‘A’ level with Higher Art certification. This can be an advantage when applying for a scholarship for further studies in art or art-related disciplines such as Architecture, Design, Animation, etc.

4) Can students use their Higher Art grade to replace their Humanities subject grade, but opt for non-AEP courses in JCs instead?
No. They must continue to offer the AEP in JC. Should they do so, they may need to leave the college if they had not met the minimum entry requirements for the college without the enhancement by the AEP grade.

5) How do students apply for the AEP Scholarship in JC? How are they selected?
The AEP Scholarship is applicable for AEP students who are Singaporean Citizens only. Students must also fulfill certain requirements spelt out by MOE. Application is done online. Shortlisted applicants will be required to submit their portfolio and attend an interview conducted by a Selection Panel at MOE.