Tan Bing Yang, Ryan (Sec 4 AEP 2016)

Entry to Hwa Chong AEP is based on the following criteria:

High School Section
1) Students must gain admission to HCI
2) Students must clear the internal AEP Selection Test after admission into HCI. The first test is conducted during the first general art lesson, and short-listed students will be invited to attend the second round of selection.

College Section
1) Students must gain admission into HCI
2) Students should preferably have a good ‘O’ level pass in Art, accompanied by a good portfolio of work
3) Students with Higher Art will be allowed to use their Art grade, obtained at the GCE ‘O’ level examinations, in lieu of a Humanities subject grade for admission to the AEP at JC level.

JC students who have successfully enrolled into the AEP will be considered for the award of the AEP scholarships. They must be Singapore Citizens.

For more information on admission to Hwa Chong Institution, please visit the HCI main webpage: